Why Secure this land in Stroud into Trust

The Biodynamic Land Trust (BDLT) was founded in 2011 to provide affordable land access for farmers and communities, and to counter threats to the countryside posed by the loss of fertile soil, land speculation, agri-business expansion, family farms going bust. The market turns land into a commodity, not a commons to be cared for.

People want to re-connect with food, land and place.  We see emerging a vibrant local food movement: farmers’ markets, community supported agriculture, community orchards, demonstrating the need for community connected farming, guided by agro-ecological and biodynamic farming principles, and a co-operative approach to creating viable land-based enterprises.

Hammonds Farm was a 180 acre arable and beef farm within close walking distance of Stroud. It surrounded Hawkwood College land on the North, West and South. It came onto the market in early June 2015. The Biodynamic Land Trust worked with Stroud Community Agriculture, Hawkwood College, the biodynamic and Stroud communities to see if the BDLT could secure at least Lot 3 of the land as a community asset. Sufficient pledges to buy shares were received by 18th June, from the Trust’s supporters, to allow the BDLT to promote the community buy-out and negotiate the purchase which was completed in November 2015.  This was a rare opportunity to secure a beautiful area of land on the doorstep of Stroud town for environmental, economic and community benefits that has been successfully achieved.

The land is now called Oakbrook Farm.

There will be further opportunities to engage in and help fund the future development of this community farm.  Why not become a member now and help support our work?  Download our membership leaflet below.

Download BDLT membership leaflet here (pdf)

Oakbrook Farm Endorsements

tractor for oakbrook

“This project is a brilliant demonstration of how restoring and enhancing the ecological fertility of land can have huge social and economic benefits for local communities. Re-localising our economies around sustainably productive land, as is the case with this land in Stroud, can help provide food security while providing education, training and job opportunities for local people”

Molly Scott Cato, Green MEP for South West England and Gibraltar

“The BDLT meets the urgent need for enabling farmers to gain access to land without the crippling burden of debt, and help build sustainable food systems.”

Patrick Holden, Patron, Biodynamic Agricultural Association. Founding Director of the Sustainable Food Trust

“This BDLT community purchase of land for people and wildlife friendly farming is the best way to change the world radically and for the better by perfectly acceptable, non-radical means. Go for it!”

Colin and Ruth Tudge, Campaign for Real Farming and Funding Enlightened Agriculture

“This is a great opportunity to secure farmland at the gateway to the Slad Valley that will benefit both people and wildlife”

Roger Mortlock, CEO, Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust

people and land

“Lot 3 Hammonds Farm has huge potential and this is a unique opportunity to develop an exceptional community resource near to the town and surrounding our beautiful Hawkwood grounds. We are enormously excited about the prospect of collaborating with the Biodynamic Land Trust, Stroud community Agriculture and other organisations to ensure that we secure the land and all that it could offer for the local community.”

Alicia Carey, Principal, Hawkwood College, Stroud