Marie and Blodwyn

Young Goat Farmers need Hammonds Farm land for new micro dairy

marie and blodwyn

Since inviting land pledges for Hammonds Farm and  launching the Share Offer on the 25 June, the Biodynamic Land Trust has been approached by a second group of  young farmers who want to start a goat micro dairy, and who need land near Stroud.  Kate Broad, Grace Adams and Marie helped brilliantly on last Saturday’s information table in Stroud High Street.

They said, ‘This is a rare opportunity to secure a beautiful area of productive farmland for future generations of Stroud  people and young farmers. We are three young, enterprising women, Marie, Kate and Grace, with passion, training and experience of food production, business and farming. Between us we currently run an organic goat soap business with the milk from our two lovely goats Enfys and Blodwen. We are also involved in cheese and yoghurt making, biodynamic gardening and running an organic farm shop. Our dream is to provide an alternative to the increasing trend towards mega dairies, by setting up a small community supported micro dairy. Our vision is to provide local people with high welfare, high quality, organic dairy products, with an emphasis on community involvement and education. Should the Biodynamic Land Trust secure this land there will be  real opportunities for a new generation of small, sustainable, local businesses. “

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