Become a Land Whisperer

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“Let us build the world we want to live in, from the grassroots up! Start with the land – the well-spring of well-being.” Land Whisperer

The Biodynamic Land Trust seeks to secure UK farmland for community farming, returning land to the common ownership for the good of the community using the tool of community shares. Land that is used for local food, jobs in rural areas, community engagement and connection, and a place to be in nature.

Land Whispering stirs citizens to support the land and care for the land around them. They have a passion for good, healthy food and land.

Land Whisperers are active in the community. They could be community builders, organisers, and communicators.

Land Whisperers are helping make the world a more engaged and healthier place

Land Whispering training
Saturday 30 September 2017, 2 – 5pm
Marling School (music room) Cainscross Road, Stroud, GL5 4HE
Confirm book (free) place: natasha @
The Biodynamic Land Whispering training offers an introduction to:

  • Biodynamics
  • The journey to “get” a sense of the spirit of a place
  • Access to land and the challenges for modern farmers and growers
  • What a community farm can do: heal the land and revive local and rural economy
  • Community farm share investment
  • Decommodifying the land
  • Tools to mobilise citizens.

Possible examples of Land Whispering opportunities

  • A local farmer with a succession challenge
  • Caring for neglected parish land or an urban wasteland belonging to a city council
  • Running regular biodynamic gardening clubs
  • Giving talks about community land and biodynamic growing
  • Signposting young and/or new farmers looking for land to grow healthy produce.

We are more than the sum of our parts
The Biodynamic Land Trust is inspired by Terre de Liens and other EU access to land groups.

Founded in 2003, Terre de Liens (earth links) has mobilised 12,000 citizens and secured 120 biodynamic organic farms.

Terre de Liens created groups in different regions of France. Where no regional group was identified, someone in that area raised awareness and formed a group.

Land Whisperers can spread the word via

  • WI meetings
  • Garden clubs
  • Places of worship
  • Festivals
  • Becoming a Co-op Member Pioneer
  • Local health food shops
  • Young Farmers groups
  • Students of college courses in horticulture and agriculture.

This could involve, for instance, screening Access to Land film, the Land is our Food.

Interested? Find out more

Land Whispering training
Saturday 30 September 2017, 2 – 5pm
Marling School (music room) Cainscross Road, Stroud, GL5 4HE
Confirm book a free place: natasha @

Thursday 30th November 2017
Totnes. Time and venue tbc
Further dates in 2018

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