A share of Stroud Micro Dairy raw milk, yogurt and kefir

Dairyman and proud owner, Kees Frederiks, holds a Stroud Micro Dairy bottle of raw milk fresh from the cows

Seven more beautiful Holstein-Jersey cross cows have arrived on Stroud Micro Dairy’s fields at Oakbrook Farm, adding to the original seven.

This means fresh milk will soon be available all year round.

Stroud Micro Dairy is looking for more members to share its unpasteurised and unhomogenised milk straight from the cows.

Stroud Micro Dairy raw milk on a wooden chair in the dairybottles

Members pay in advance for their share which they collect from Stroud Micro Dairy at Oakbrook Farm in refillable glass bottles, as well as kefir and yogurt made from the raw milk.

The seven new cows are now in calf so Stroud Micro Dairy members will be able to catch a glimpse of the newly-born calves in the autumn.

Tenant farmer, Kees Frederiks, will be reseeding one of his fields at Oakbrook Farm with a herbal ley, part of its journey from arable to meadow.

The ley’s herbal mix of chicory, plantain, sainfoin, trefoil and different clovers will enhance the cows’ diet and the milk they produce, already known in Stroud for its creamy, rich, fresh taste.

Join Stroud Micro Dairy
Kees Frederiks: 07594 533648

The Biodynamic Land Trust grows farms

Thanks to community investment, the Biodynamic Land Trust secured 41 acres adjoining Hawkwood College in May 2015.
This land is now community-owned Oakbrook Farm, tenanted by Stroud Micro Dairy and Stroud Community Agriculture.

Invest in the Biodynamic Land Trust latest community share offer for Huxhams Cross Farm in Dartington, South Devon.

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