Update from Huxhams Cross Farm July 2017

Huxhams Cross Farm manager Bob Mehew
Huxhams Cross Farm is tenanted by sustainability experts, the Apricot Centre. Secured by the Biodynamic Land Trust, it is one of its (so far) five farms in the UK.  Thank you for bringing this farm into being, and please join the next phase of investment.

Huxhams Cross Farm strawberries

Co-director and farm manager, Bob Mehew (above), gives an update on summer at Huxhams Cross Farm:

“We are busy harvesting our first soft fruit and vegetables and selling them into local shops, restaurants and our Apricot Centre local food round. The first strawberry crop was fantastic – we have been picking 100 kg of strawberries per week in the peak. Strawberry jam to follow!

Our first wheat crop, from Population Wheat developed for resilience and high-yield by Professor Martin Wolfe at Wakelyns Farm’s, is due mid-August. It has grown remarkably well, requiring no weeding. Our plan is to mill some harvested wheat and trial it with local artisan bakers. If it performs well, then we will get larger quantities milled for retail and wholesale. We are working with Martin Wolfe, and Grown in Totnes, which aims is to get local crops into the local food chain.

We have two new websites, Apricot Wellbeing Service and the Apricot Centre where customers can now order and pay online.

We hope the building of the Wellbeing and Training centre will begin in the autumn with the first farm training courses starting in the new year.”

Thank you for bringing Huxhams Cross Farm into being, and please join the next phase of investment for the Wellbeing and Training centre.

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