Biodynamic Land Trust 2017 AGM

Biodynamic Land Trust AGM attended by 45 members

The Biodynamic Land Trust held its Annual General Meeting (pictured above) on 30 September 2017 at Marling School, Stroud.

With 45 members and other interested persons, it was great to have such a good attendance.

The meeting was in two parts; the first part was two hours of presentation and discussion around the Biodynamic Land Trust’s business plan. Discussion was wide-ranging and passionate, exploring not only the business plan but also governance matters. The board clarified a number of points and responded to people’s questions, providing a detailed insight into the reasoning behind the plan and the context of work at the Trust over the past year.

The second part of the meeting was the formal business of the AGM in which 80 members participated either in person or by proxy vote. In addition to the usual matters such as approving the annual accounts and the re-appointment of the auditors, two important votes took place.

Members voted both in favour of the business plan and for the election to the board of Gabriel Kaye and Mark Drewell, the two directors standing for re-election and election respectively.

Several potential new board members have stepped forward to become guest directors and will be incorporated into the board and its work in the coming months.

Freshly encouraged by the engagement of members, the Trust will take its vision of a community farm for every community forward with vigour. Fundraising against existing land projects will continue and opportunities will continue to be sought for future land-based investments.

The Trust will continue its transformational work based on the three pillars that underpin the business plan: de-commodification of land, building land-based community, and biodynamic ecological land management.

Members will receive formal minutes of the AGM in due course.

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