Biodynamic Land Trust at South West Convergence

The Biodynamic Land Trust will be at joining the Permaculture Association’s first South West Regional Permaculture Convergence over the weekend of 9-11 June 2017 at Goffin Land, a 96-acre community-led farm project on the edge of Exeter using permaculture principles, and a haven of tranquility.

Fri 9 June 4pm in Greys Barn – Looking for land whisperers
Elisabeth Winkler of theBiodynamic Land Trust is talking about Looking for Land Whisperers. Inspired by the French access-to land-organisation, Terre de Liens, the Biodynamic Land Trust seeks to reach out to fellow land-lovers who want to de-commodify the land. Together we can be a ground force, spotting local farming opportunities and gathering communities around fledgling farms. Contact: elisabeth @ uk

Saturday 10 June 4pm in Clover BarnDartington Agroforestry project
Bob Mehew, farm manager of Huxhams Cross Farm  (secured by the Biodynamic Land Trust in 2015) and Harriet Bell, community resilience food and farming manager at Dartington Hall Trust, talk about the pioneering agroforestry (trees for food and farming) project of which Huxhams Cross Farm is a partner: where local growers share a field and skills to make sustainable farming economically viable.

Sat 10 June pm in Serendipity Marquee – Weaving biodynamics and permaculture at Huxhams Cross Farm

Bob Mehew, farm manager of Huxhams Cross Farm is talking about pioneering community-owned permaculture and biodynamic farm, Huxhams Cross Farm, secured by the Biodynamic Land Trust in 2015. Tenanted by sustainability experts, the Apricot Centre, Huxhams Cross Farm is a fine example of weaving together biodynamic and permaculture farming to heal the land, making it productive and community-focused.

The event is organised by the Permaculture Association in partnership with its members and other local activists to create new opportunities and benefits by connecting up aligned projects, local groups and individuals across the area. The Biodynamic Land Trust is delighted to be at the start of building a self-sustaining, resilient South West regional permaculture network.

PS On Sunday, Elisabeth and Bob will hot-foot it to Huxhams Cross Farm in Dartington, South Devon, for Open Farm Sunday on 11 June 11am – 5pm.

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