11 June: Open Farm Sunday at Huxhams Cross Farm

Open Farm Sunday at Huxhams Cross Farm, Dartington TQ9 6NT on Sunday 11 June at 11 am – 5 pm


Huxhams Cross Farm invites the public to visit its beautiful 34-acre farm in Dartington, South Devon, on Open Farm Sunday, the national day of farming.

With views over the rolling hills of South Devon, Huxhams Cross Farm is a new community farm. Secured in autumn 2015 by the Biodynamic Land Trust, the fledgling farm, is an example of sustainable farming practices.

Tenanted by sustainability experts, the Apricot Centre,  the farm is revitalising the soil, protecting wildlife, producing healthy local food and building connections between land and people. It runs a weekly veg box delivery service and a farm school for local children.

A day to meet:  

  • Huxhams Cross Farm farmers
  • Grown in Totnes, aiming to supply local shops with wheat grown on Huxhams Cross Farm
  • The Biodynamic Land Trust which founded Huxhams Cross Farm in 2015 as a sustainable community farm for generations to come. Find out how to get involved by volunteering and/or investing in Huxhams Cross Farm community shares.


12pm and 3pm: Huxhams Cross Farm farm walks to view its agroforestry (trees for food and farming), population wheat with Grown in Totnes, and 120 White Leghorn chickens (their eggs are a local foodie sensation including in The Almond Thief Bakery). Find out about the practical benefits of weaving together permaculture design and biodynamic farming practices.

Farm manager, Bob Mehew, says: “The tour will go down the main field (Billaney), through the soft fruit, into the biodynamic stirring area, farm club, Long Meadow (pausing to look at the fabulous orchids we have) and then onto the chickens. Then back through The Grove to look at the stone fruit trees and culminating at Huxhams Cross Field, where Grown in Totnes will talk about their project against the backdrop of the wheat we are growing for them.”

This is also an opportunity to visit the other farms on the Dartington estate in walking distance of each other: Foxhole Community Garden, the edible gardens of Schumacher College, Dartington Dairy and School Farm Community Supported Agriculture.

The Biodynamic Land Trust grows farms

Invest in The Biodynamic Land Trust’s community share offer for Huxhams Cross Farm, south Devon, to bring about economic, ecological and cultural change in the countryside.

Please download the Huxhams Cross farm share offer and/or the Huxhams Cross Farm share offer summary.


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