Family of Farms Day & Associative Farm Membership

Three Biodynamic Farmer’s at Apricot Centre – Huxham Cross Farm

“Our upcoming Family of Farms Day on the 2nd October will be held at St Giles Farm in Hampshire. We’re excited to be bringing the wider community of Biodynamic Land Trust connected farms together in one space. This will be an opportunity for all those attending, to learn more about the different legal structures and farm management systems in place across various UK Biodynamic Land Trust farms. 

The premise behind this gathering is to create a nurturing space where farmers, land-workers and directors can share experiences about the achievements and challenges of farming under different models. Some interesting topics that we will explore – how biodynamic principles can work under different management and legal structures and what suits different sites and set ups, how farms function economically and the different sources of income, and tips and tricks on how to connect with the surrounding community and share the farms story successfully. 

We look forward to welcoming The Apricot Centre – Huxhams Cross Farm, Tablehurst Farm, and Oakbrook Farm. Each of these sites vary in their farming setup, some have a rich history in the ways they have tackled challenges and others are newer to the scene with an unfolding story. 

Associative Farm Membership: 

We continue to be inspired by the developments taking place at our Associative Membership farm St Giles. They have quickly developed a thriving land-based system which is creating a biodiverse environment of high quality organic/biodynamic food, involving people at the centre of production. 

Currently, our associative farm membership offers a range of benefits. By committing to build a working relationship with the Trust at a modest £350 yearly cost (to cover farm visits, communication and admin time) – you are committing to placing the farms future with the Trust and preparing to find the connective path for the farm’s future. We will work with you towards building the farms local and environmental integration – looking at what the farm business, people and land offer and ways to develop it further – supporting you in improving the soils, building enterprises and community involvement, training, events and festivals etc.

With our new staff arrival Amber Lawes-Johnson who will be developing our Communications, we aim to have a higher level of news content, reports and social media across all the organisation’s development. 

In the coming year we want to be increasing our membership of farms in Trust, alongside slowly building towards a community of farms that can share and learn from one another. We want to work closely with farmers who seek opportunities for mutual learning and are open to finding a connective path toward a sustainable organic and biodynamic farming future with a connection to local community. 

We look forward to gathering at our Family of Farms Day at St Giles early next month to delve deeper into the history of the Trust, its members and their stories and the future direction of the Trust’s activities. 

Published by: Amber Lawes-Johnson

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