Action research

Gruntvig: Access to Land

EU Access to Land Partnership

The Biodynamic Land Trust has been in partnership for with a number of EU organisations and companies in a Gruntvig-funded EU research project for about two years. This project is about Access to Land for Sustainable Farming and the Biodynamic Land Trust has partnered with the Soil Association as the UK participants. We are in the process of this research and sharing. We hope to find a good way to continue this work as it is so beneficial, so that we can continue to share the issues and good processes around access to land for sustainable farming in the different EU countries and regions, and benefit from the good practice that is happening and what has been tried but not successful. We (Martin, Rachel Harries and I) are gaining a lot from this work and sharing that then benefits the Biodynamic Land Trust directly and also the wider picture in the UK.

Out of this and other work such as Martin’s talks in the Houses of Parliament and at the Oxford Real Farming Conference and Rachel’s work with SALT and Soil Association has arisen the awareness that we need some sort of national body to group and coordinate work and activities for the protection of land and sustainable farming UK-wide and to give these small organisations more of a voice. If you are interested in supporting Martin and Rachel to do some action research and help bring this together do contact one of us.