Huxhams Cross Farm Design Workshop 29-31 May

Here are some photos of the second Huxhams Cross Farm design workshop held at Dartington Hall Trust on 29-31st May. After designing an overal land use plan in the first workshop, Marina and Bob led us through a detailed farm design process for the soft fruit, the agroforestry rows and vegetables, as well as the arable fields. More details to come on the Apricot Centre website and an Autumn Dartington farm launch.

It was heartening to see the land was in much better shape, with green manures now coming up..apart from one Far Week field that still needs harrowing and planting.

The design process was highly engaging, with all kinds of contributions to both the overall farm design and the detail, leading to an emerging , much clearer , farm business plan. The farm will build on both some of the original uses for the land, like an orchard at Far Week, and a rich combination of principles from  agronomy, biodynamics, permaculture and agroforestrty. Marina’s overview of the rapidly changing and  emerging methods of local food production and distribution was very timely

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