Land Whisperer Agreement

Please complete this form to apply to become a Land Whisperer through the Biodynamic Land Trust.

Land Whisperer Agreement


This is an agreement between The Biodynamic Land Trust Ltd, company number 31448R ("The Trust")


Main Activity

This agreement engages both parties to work together to support the land. In particular:

  • The Trust will provide training and materials;
  • The Land Whisperer will foster, participate, activate and engage with their community to support the land and the aims and work of The Trust;
  • The Land Whisperer will keep The Trust informed of their land whisperer activity and of any land developments or opportunities in their area, of which they become aware.


The Land Whisperer community is open and respectful. It aspires to the highest standards of care, both for the land, and each other.

In public (including on-line communications, such as Facebook), The Land Whisperer agrees to act with moderation, respect and gentleness


The Land Whisperer will become a member of the Land Whispering Facebook group. Membership of the group allows posting to the group.

The Facebook group is public, all posts can be viewed publicly, it is a place for sharing and organising, not for dissent and polemic.

The Facebook group is moderated.

Expenses and Procedures

The Trust may, in rare circumstances, provide expenses to allow The Land Whisperer to carry out or participate in events, or carry out their mission in any other way. All such instances to be agreed, in each case, with The Trust.