New MA In AgroEcology

A part-time Postgraduate Diploma and Masters in Researching Holistic Approaches to Agroecology (bursaries now available)

Do you want to systematically research and clearly communicate what you are doing on your own plot?

This blended learning course (approved by the BDA Board of Studies) is now recruiting its second cohort for a November 2015 start. It is available to participants from any country and has been developed to support practitioners who aim for a more holistic relationship between the human being and the land than is the case with large-scale contemporary agri-business.

Those working in areas such as biodynamic farming need to find ways to develop their practices into widely accepted solutions to concerns about food security, environmental destruction and social breakdown. The ability to do this will to some extent rest on the quality of the evidence that comes out of research into these holistic approaches. The focus of this programme is to test, support, develop and advance research methods that serve the purpose of and address topical questions in holistic agriculture while also working in a way that preserves the ethos of the approach.

The course is designed to meet the needs of those engaged in sustainable approaches and new initiatives in food production who want to enhance their knowledge and skills and contribute to a research base. The course will support the development of what are currently thought of as ‘alternative’ approaches and create a dialogue between, for example, biodynamics, permaculture, organics, and urban agriculture. You can follow the course from your own working situation supported by a virtual learning environment and tutorial support and meet up in occasional residential intensives. The research projects, situated in your own context, are supported by experts and can lead to clear communication of these approaches and their benefits to a wider public as well as to an academic audience. For more information on this Alanus University/Crossfields Institute programme go to

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