Land Whispering training

Spraying biodynamic preparations on Huxhams Cross Farm

Are you a Land Whisperer?

You have a feeling for the land. You want to bring people together to help heal the land.

You long to make the world a more engaged and healthier place.

The Biodynamic Land Trust is offering free training to land and food citizens. It will introduce the different ways that people can become active in caring for the land, and include an introduction to biodynamic farming.

Land Whisperers support the Biodynamic identify land opportunities, create supportive groups around farms, help manage the land ecologically, identify what on-farm services/products are in-demand, and galvanise communities into acquiring land into trust for the community.

Land Whispering develops the activist network needed for every community to have its own community farm.
More information on Land Whispering here.

If you decide, after a training event, to go ahead with Land Whispering, here is the Land Whispering Agreement.

Please visit the Biodynamic Land Trust’s latest community farm share offer for Huxhams Cross Farm. 

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